Co-curator of the exhibition "Outsider's Look on Vilnius"

October 29, 2023

Dear friends,

While it happened in April-September of 2023, I would like to share that I co-curated the exhibition "Outsider's Look on Vilnius" at the National Art Gallery of Lithuania (NDG). My mission was to find, select and curate the part about the Ukrainian photographers who visited Vilnius back in 1970-1980s. For this exhibition, I selected two photographers, Konstantin Kostiuk, from the Volyn region of Ukraine, who moved to Lithuania in 1977 and stayed there until 1993, and Jury Rupin, from Kharkiv, Ukraine, who moved to Lithuania in the late 1980s and spent his time there until he died in 2008.

This was the first exhibition in independent Lithuania which included the works of these photographers.

Proud to bring them back to the Lithuanian photography field!


Introductory information on the exhibition from the gallery's website:


The first four photographs were taken from the NDG Facebook page, others by Margaryta Zubrii.