My absence. Why and what happened during that time

October 03, 2022

Dear friends,

Sorry for not posting for a solid period of time.

russian war against Ukraine affecting all Ukrainians around the World asnd I am not an exclusion. That is why I post with such time gaps.

During that time I managed to hold an exhibition of the PW44 series, in frames of the Thomas Mann Festival in Nida, Lithuania.

Adding several photos from the installation of the artworks.


Also, one of my new series, which is not presented at my website, was published in the almanack Lithuanian Photography'22

The series conducted from four photographs of the prison cell metal bunks from the former prison, and also, a monitor with burnt pixels which is (being turned off) preserved images recorded by 4 CCTV cameras of the prison territory.


The other great thing is that both of my books (Surveillance. A Typology of Oppression and PW44) were reviewed in the context of current political situationin the World. The text is published in the Politologia magazine. Publisher: Vilnius University Press.




Have some more news that will post soon.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned!