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Walls of the Berlin School of Industrial Arts and Crafts basement became the Gestapo prison and place of unspeakable crimes, when Secret State Police Office moved into the building in 1933. 39 cells became a place for Jewish people, opponents of regime and other objectionable “unwanted” persons.
From 1933 to 1945, approximately 15,000 persons were held in the “house prison” at the Gestapo headquarters.
This project shows parts of the walls from the underground rooms of the Gestapo in Berlin, which are witnesses to the inhumanity carried out against entire peoples and which carry within themselves the memory of those events.
The demonstration of the project implemented with the help of the projecting slideshow of 39 images (positive slides projected with use of analog projector) of the tiles from the basement "Gestapo," that are symbolizes 39 cells and stands as witnesses of inhumanity done to nations and bear the memory about this horrifying facts of our history.
The project accompanied with a text taken from the Julius Fučik's book: «Notes from the Gallows», where he recalled the comparison of the rooms for those under investigation with a movie theater.