NetworkWeek | Fotografie KABK and other news

February 13, 2022

Dear friends,

I disappeared for some time as many great things happened, as online as offline, and did not have much time to share the news with you.

During the last two months:

- Performed for students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague during the Network Week.

The most interesting is that all years performers were from The Netherlands and or who studied arts in The Netherlands at some point in their lives.

This year was an exclusion. I was the only artist who did not study at the actual Academy or their Art School but was invited to participate in the Network Week.


- Managed several talks and gave a few interviews about my exhibition "Consecutive Fixation" in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Lithuanian news about the exhibition and short video interview at


- Developed two photography courses for the European Humanities University, which I will start to teach from March 2022


- Sold some of my artworks in Lithuania and abroad


And went through the surgery at the end of January, which affected my timing, and because of that, I did not share the news much.


New photography series will be added to the website soon! Stay tuned!