NetworkWeek | Fotografie KABK and other news

February 13, 2022
Dear friends, I disappeared for some time as many great things happened, as online as offline, and did not have much time to share the news with you. During the last two months: - Performed for students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague during the Network Week. The most interesting is that all years performers were from The Netherlands and...
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Consecutive Fixation. Exhibition View

December 19, 2021
Sharing some photographs of the Consecutive Fixation exhibition view that opened December 17th at the Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre’s Exhibition Hall. Special thanks to Darius Vaičekauskas, Lietuvos kultūros taryba and Klaipėdos kultūrų komunikacijų centras for making this exhibition happen!
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Exhibition CONSECUTIVE FIXATION. December 17th, 18:00, Klaipeda, Lithuania

December 13, 2021
Dear friends! DECEMBER 17TH, AT 18:00, at the Klaipeda Exhibition Hall, will open my exhibition, Consecutive Fixation. At the exhibition, I will show several of my projects, such as Horizons, The Process, Traces of Memory, Surveillance, Architecture of Evidence, and several other series that were not exhibited previously. Also, it will include bot...
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Visual Media: Theory and Reality

October 28, 2021
I am very thankful to Rita Repšienė for being invited to participate in the Scientific Conference Visual Media: Theory and Reality. The conference took place on October 28th at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute platform. In the conference took part: - Rita Repšienė, with her presentation: Vizualinės medijos skaitmeninėje epochoje: strate...
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Presentation of my photo books at the National Gallery of Art of Lithuania

October 23, 2021
Dear friends, I want to share with you a great achievement! This month, on October 21st, I presented Surveillance. A Typology of Oppression and PW44 books at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania. Even though the Surveillance book was published in April of 2020 by the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute and, I did not ha...
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